The Best Movies To Watch On Halloween Night

A few slashers that will give your family and friends a very good scare…

Ok ok. So you are the horror expert so tonight, Halloween is your moment to prove that you know your stuff. Fear not dear reader. Old uncle Luis is here to help you with the best of the best (no, not the cruddy Martial Arts flick)…

Halloween 1978

The greatest horror movie ever? Yes, most definitely. Halloween has the lot and if you haven’t already seen it, well I envy you…

Halloween H20 1998

By far the best of the Halloween sequels, Steve Miner – the director of the classic below – takes the reins in a very sharp and good entry. Unfairly labelled as a bad choice, you will be fairly surprised if you give it a shot

Madman 1982

Of the many Killer in the woods films released during the eighties, this is one of the greatest. Although not particularly gory, it does provide chills and suspense.

Friday the 13th Part II 1981

Not set on Halloween as many that I list won’t be, but boy, this one’s so scary that even Dracula won’t watch it.

Resurrection 1999

Having trouble convincing your audience to watch a slasher film? Ok cool, recommend this. This ‘serial killer’ film has gore, a masked killer and a really good twist. It steers so close to being a slasher that well, between me and you, it probably is one. If anyone complains, say hey it’s like Se7en. Everyone loves Se7en…

La Residencia 1969

Fantastic giallo with some of the most stylish scenes that the world has ever witnessed.

Halloween Camp 2003

The title makes little sense, because it is not set on Halloween at all. Still a lot of fun though, so I recommend that you give it a shot.

Kolobus 1999

This one should go down well if you are hosting a Halloween party. The scares come in rapid succession, the dialogue is good and the gore immense. GET THE UNCUT VERSION THOUGH

Nail Gun Massacre 1985

I am not sure what kind of humour you have dear reader, but for me, telling everyone that I have a really scary film and putting on this trash is hilarious. Admittedly only for me. In fact, I have never been invited back to that particular friend’s house…. erm…Ok let’s scrap that one … Moving on…

The Prowler 1981

So it drags a bit in places. Thing is though that’s no better time to begin getting up to something more, ahem, intriguing??? But despite the odd dull moment, The Prowler delivers. Gore, shocks and suspense. Chuck on top of that some fine, fine performances

The House on Sorority Row 1983

Stylish outing from director Mark Rosman that wisely chooses to build its shocks through suspense instead of gore. The final sequence, which sees the killer in a creepy costume, is probably one of the greatest final shots of the cycle.

  1. Hey there’s a bunch of movies missing here and I want to clarify cuz these movies have Halloween themes. 1- Trick or treat (1986) starring Marc Price – Ozzy (as a preist very funny) – Gene Simmons ( as a radio host) this is la crème de la crème of horror movies happening on Halloween night (besides Halloween of course) Its origina,l the ingredients are perfect for a Halloween movie marathon. Ragman (Price) a young heavy metal airhead, who’s unpopular at school, idolizes on Sami Curr, a hard rock star. Sadly, Sami dies in a fire and left Ragman, his no1 fan his last record (& only copie) sent to the local radio DJ.(Simmonds), who made a copie to be played on Halloween night. On Halloween eve, Ragman plays the record & plays it backwards only to find out that a message was sent directly to him, witch stated to get revenge on those who made fun of him. But when things get outta hands, Ragman demands to stop, and all hell breaks loose as Sami returns from the dead haunting those who wants to stop him, including Sami. Fun & exciting this one is a must for slashers happening on Halloween night. other titles include Night of the demons (1988) – Hack-o-lantern – trick or treat (2007) – Jack-O are just some few titles to absolutely watch on Halloween night

    • I always thought Trick or Treat wasn’t a slasher flick, I’ll need to check it out – Hack-O-Lantern I’ve reviewed! It didn’t make the cut though for me haha, maybe I need to re-visit it!!

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