The Greatest Slasher Movies and Websites

The Top Slasher Movies that you can get your hands on…

Right, I didn’t want to do a top-ten, because that’s so unoriginal and you are probably bored of reading about Halloween, Scream, Black Christmas, the original Friday the 13th et al – so here we have, in my humble opinion, a collection of slasher movies that will deliver the goods and are not the usual names that are mentioned. Put it this way, if you a true genre enthusiast or just a horror fan with a passing interest, any of the titles below will give you either some gore, shocks or a jolly good dose of slasher cheese. None of these will be boring or tame – I am interested to see if you agree. I will keep adding to the list as I go, because it’s impossible for me to remember them all in one go!

Pieces 1982

Ok not by any means a good film, but this is perhaps the most fun slasher trash piece anywhere ever. Buckets of blood, more nudity than a Jenna Jameson omnibus, hilarious dialogue and it’s all capped by a wonderfully OTT bunch of performances. Lynda Day George’s BASTARDS line is worth any DVD price alone.

Coda 1987

Very taut and stylish Halloween clone that excels not only in its panache, but also in its strengths of realism. The hospital part is very tense and the score is captivating

Intruder 1988

Many slashers tried to mix horror with comedy, but Intruder succeeds only because it offers the blackest kind of humour, with energetic direction (like a lunatic) and probably the best gore in a stalk and slash flick. There’s nothing here not to like

Curtains 1983

Extremely creepy and very well-acted, Curtains is a mangled beast, but is well worth a look for a couple of absolutely outstanding moments.

Deadly Blessing 1981

Easy one of the best of Wes Craven’s films. This boasts stylish direction and jump-scares that will still get you after five or more viewings.

Small Town Massacre 1981

Authentic take on the slasher formula with an engrossing plot. The best thing about the feature is the prominent retro small-town feel that sets it apart. The party sequence is one of my favourite of the category.

The Toolbox Murders 2004

I sometimes wonder whether Tobe Hooper was actually a good director or just a fortunate one? If the latter is the case, then luck was shinning on him here, because The Toolbox Murders is a sharp, pacey feature with some cool kills and a decent plot.

Billy Club 2013

Gory, outrageous and fun. Watching this a second time makes you realise how smart the filmmakers are and in fairness how well they had you over. Awesome

The Prowler 1981

Tom Savini was the star of horror during the eighties and his effects were never better than in this suspense-filled and exceptionally bloody slasher. A great final girl helps to make this film a must.

The House on Sorority Row 1983

Stylish outing from director Mark Rosman that wisely chooses to build its shocks through suspense instead of gore. The final sequence, which sees the killer in a creepy costume, is probably one of the greatest final shots of the cycle.

Terror Night 1987

Legal troubles with unauthorised use of footage kept this one on the shelves for a while. Real shame, because it’s a great slice of slasher hokum, spoilt only by a disappointing unfinished feel.

Edge of the Axe 1988

Unknown, but thoroughly enjoyable and creepy slasher with charming performances and a real mix of moods. In its uncut entirety it packs in gore, suspense and an intriguing synopsis.

Kolobos 1999

Stylishly filmed with a good cast and surreal tone. It’s also very gory.

Dead Girls 1990

I once wrote that this had more twists than a chubby checker convention and then saw that analogy used all over the net – should have copyrighted it! Anyway, this is a very good late entry to the cycle that would have been a classic had it been released a few years earlier. Who can not like a killer in a skull mask and an all female rock band as the targets?

Maniac Cop 1988

Larger budgeted attempt at redefining the genre from Bill Lustig and Larry Cohen. Not very gory and has an almost action movie feel, but decent all the same.

Friday the 13th Part 2 1981

A terrifyingly tense slasher classic from Steve Miner that I think is as close to Halloween as one of its imitators came – brilliant

Urban Legend

Fast paced with a gorgeous cast and some fine slasher moments. Disliked by many, but yours truly thinks it’s an underrated entry.

Stagefright 1986

Italian effort at the style that was arguably ripped from their own shores. Takes all the clichés and has an absolute ball with them

Nightmare at Shadow Woods 1983

Heavily flawed, but extremely gory slasher that is too often overlooked. Plagued by production woes, the finished print is very cheesy and all the better for that.

Blood Hook 1986

Troma pick-up from a director with a comedic style, so the net result is quite jovial. It is still very entertaining and credibly campy

Pranks 1981

Former video nasty that drags too much in the middle but has some very gruesome deaths and a downbeat ending

Scalps 1983

Very creepy offering from Fred Olen Ray that transcends its budget to be just plain mean at times

Cherry Falls UNCUT 2000

The comedy and horror don’t really mix to a satisfying whole, but the gore is very, very good and the two stars do a great job with the dramatics

My Bloody Valentine 1981

Does it deserve a place in the annals now it is available unrated? Yes, for sure – what it lacks in suspense it makes up for in chemistry and in its uncut version – tonnes of goo!!

Evil Dead Trap 1988

Dripping with goo, this stylishly directed slasher, does superb until the slightly confusing climax. At times eerie and brutal, it’s arguably the best Japanese slasher.

Cassandra 1986

Not much of a body count, but some clever and stylish photography salvages it from tedium.

Graduation Day 1981

Not scary, not gory and in honesty not very good. But Graduation Day has charm by the bucket load and more cheese than a dairy lea promotion event.

My Bloody Valentine 3D 2004

How do you follow up the goriest and most fun-natured slasher of the overkill period? Add twice the goo, twice the fun and make it 3D!

Bloodstream 2000

Currently unreleased, this one has a neat twist and some creative kills. Needs a shot at recognition. Good and ambitious plot and a creepy killer make it worth a look.

Identity 2003

How can you not like a slasher flick with John Cusack and Ray Liotta in it? Good twist too and some wonderful performances.

The Burning 1981

Not one of my favourites, but the raft sequence is exceptionally gory and Cropsy is one of the more memorable slasher villains.

La Noche Del Payaso 1991

Out and out slasher from deepest (and maddest) Mexico doesn’t waste much time on character development and delivers nonstop suspense for 70 mins

Body Count 1986

Friday the 13th rip off that packs a great ensemble of b-movie vets with a nice momentum. One of the better latter offerings

Trampa Infernal 1990

Like the Mexican slasher version of Zero Boys, with moments that bring to mind, The Predator. Very smart and nicely shot

Nightmare Beach 1988

Italian horror that tries to be all American. A lot like Baywatch but with a masked killer running around – very cheesy.

Legend of Moated Manor 1988

Another that to this day remains unreleased. Tells the tale of a group of kids that go to explore a haunted ancient building where rumour has it ghostly monks march in chorus after midnight. They come across one such hooded menace that is armed with a katana. Mainly grainy due to a poor copy, but provides thrills and cheesy gore.

The Scaremaker 1982

Underrated peak slasher that has a nice retro ambience and a great killer costume. The soundtrack makes this worth a look

Night School 1980

Outstanding former video nasty, which gives us the beautiful Rachel Ward, some neat kills and stylish photography from the director of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – No really!

The House by the Cemetery 1981

Often called a zombie film, but it’s not – this is a decent surreal stalk and slash flick with a deliberate lack of structure. Once you open your mind, it satisfies immensely.

Haute Tension 2003

Pacey horror from France that is so professional and tightly crafted that it oozes class.

Ladrones de Tumbas 1990

Mexican slasher from the director of Don’t Panic – this is by far the best of his work and if you must see just one entry from Mexico, it has to be this.

Carnage Road 2000

No… I am joking…


Ok firstly thanks for taking the time to check a SLASH above, my labour of love. Thing is, it’s nowhere near the best slasher website out there. It’s kind of like the webpage equivalent of Scalps. However there are a few Halloween and Psychos out there – so here they are:

Vegan Voorhees

Great site, and the guys here are well up to date on the newer slashers – Very well written and good source for the newer genre pieces

Hysteria Lives

The granddaddy of Slasher websites and one of the first that I ever found and wrote for. The bee’s knees

The Terror Trap

Not a slasher only site, but probably the best and most informative that you’ll find. They have some great articles on our favourite flicks

Retro Slashers

Surprisingly enough, I have never had contact with any of the writers on this site, which is strange as we have been reviewing the same films for years! Awesome, well put together page, with news and reviews on all our favourite pieces.

Slasher Studios

A great site that covers the entire genre with a really good opinion on all our favourites from a dedicated writer..

The Devil Made Me Watch

Superbly written blog and Carl knows Horror like Ronald McDonald knows a cheeseburger. I really enjoy reading and check it regularly. Friends of a SLASH above…


A Horror site with a difference and really friendly open guys. A proper fan site for us lovers of terror… Bookmark it!!!


  1. You sir…
    have GREAT TASTE!

  2. Hi I am Jeff I would love to look for one slasher movie. I don’t remember name of slasher movie. I remember I saw a trailer
    on TV a long long time ago. I saw a woman carry a candle and walk in upstairs very dark. Slasher is behind her and hold
    up a butcher knife or knife in the air behind her head and kill her. I don’t remember name of that movie. I don’t remember
    what year I guess 1977 or 1978 or 1979 ?? I am still looking for it myself. And also I saw a madman walk outside very
    cold. He is big man with little long hairs on trailer on TV.


    • Hi Jeff. Off the top of my head, I can’t think if that one. Can you give me a while on it please? I was thinking either Delusion, Silent Scream or Slumber Party Massacre, but the candle and date threw me. Is it a giallo or a slasher? American or European?

    • I haven’t seen this movie yet but plan on seeing it for october horror month and what you describe looks like the art cover of a movie called the initiation 1984. That could be the movie.

  3. Execellent list, do you know “Deadly Dreams” from 1988? It is pretty good and original slasherflick that is hardly ever mentioned.
    I also very much enjoyed “Malevolence” and “Cold Prey” from the mid 2000s.

  4. Just wanted to make you my biggest compliments.
    Im a big fan of slasher, and founding your website was just a positive blow, i came here almost every day, my compliments !

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