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Right folks, We all know that there are many many slasher movies floating about that are almost impossible to find – so here in the comments section, why don’t you put down the titles that you are looking for and see if we can help each other out. Now I am not sure if this is going to take off. I guess, it all depends on whether we work together to get it off the ground. But if you are desperately looking for a film, maybe one of your fellow a SLASH above readers will help you to finally get to see it?

Let’s start like this. We will put the title down in the comments that we need. If someone else is interested in helping you with it, perhaps in exchange for something else, both can contact me on: I will, with both party’s permission, give the email address that you have passed to me. Then you can trade until your heart’s are content.

There are none really that I am looking for, personally, right now. But anyone who has any good proto-slashers can give me a shout.

Let’s get this off the ground and help each other so that we all become a legion of people sad enough to gave seen every slasher movie anywhere ever


Luisito Joaquín González 

  1. I’m looking for Halloween Night, also known as Hack-o-Lantern, anyone?

  2. Anyone got Study Hell (2006)? It looks cool but it’s title makes it very obscure and hard to find…

  3. I know this is not a slasher movie but I am looking for a copy of Absolute Punishment: The Ultimate Death Experience Part 2 anyone got one?

  4. Id like a copy of Cards of Death (japan vhs rip), can anyone help? i have tons of rare stuff to trade including some original VHS

  5. I haven’t done any slasher film trading for a long long time I’m in the mood to do some trading.

    e-mail me is below if anyone is interested in doing a trade.

  6. I would love to see Hell High. Anyone know how to get hold of a full and uncut copy on DVD? The last DVD release had disk errors that skipped part of the movie! If anyone has Don’t Panic on DVD for NTSC, I would like to see it as well.

  7. Anyone know any OOP vendors? I know of Bloodwave DVD and VHSPS… anyone else do it cheaply?

  8. Anyone have massacre at rocky ridge, eyeball, or dead girls?

  9. I have a pretty good collection of slasher movies and am willing to trade or sell for other titles (mine will be burnt to DVD, yours can be, too.) If you’re interested, msg me at my email: I am very reasonable!

  10. Hi, im looking for the “cherry falls 2000 uncut version” or is there even such a thing.
    I heard rumors that the hongkong r3 realse came first and had it all but i cant find an “uncut” version anywhere online.
    Thats why im asking you as fellow gorehound if you have some infos on that or perhaps even know a way to obtain it.

  11. I’ve been looking for massacre at rocky ridge. It seems hard to find.

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