A-Z of Reviews and Full List of Slasher Movies

List of Slasher Films

Ok so just in case you are wondering, I am going to tell you a bit about a SLASH above and the types of films that we will feature here. For me a slasher movie is a simple formula that often gets confused by many critics. At a SLASH above we consider John Carpenter’s Halloween to be the template. All the films that I will feature will have a masked/unseen/disfigured killer (or sometimes multiple) stalking a set of victims. For me, Final Destination is not a slasher film. Yes there is an unstoppable force that is slaughtering teenagers, but here we will focus only on the traditional trappings of the cycle.

You will notice that I have not listed A Nightmare on Elm Street here amongst these titles. For that matter I have left out Shocker, Pledge Night and Head Hunter et al. Why? Well for me, to be a slasher movie, you need to have a killer that is armed with a blade or weapon of some kind that lurks and stalks his/her intended prey. I am not saying that the Freddy series or Candyman for that matter are not slasher flicks, but their overuse of supernatural ability makes them more akin to ghost/monster genres. In fact, Freddy Krueger is a fine example. Yes, he has a bladed glove and disfigured face like so many of our conventional maniacal nut jobs. However his methods of slaughter are so creative and excessive that he transcends the stereotype that this website is going to focus on. For me it’s the method of murder that makes a ‘slasher’ movie.

So does that mean we can’t have a supernatural slasher? Well, no – of course not. I have listed here, amongst others The Bogeyman, Bloodbeat, Playroom and Girl’s School Screamers. The killers in these films all boast some ghost-like abilities, however the net result is pretty much the same: – a killer using POV shots and a bladed weapon to stalk a group of unsuspecting victims. So what we have below is a list of slasher movies that fit the template that Halloween and Friday the 13thcemented. I have included titles like The Dead Pit because despite crossing deeply in to zombie territory, they include enough of the trappings to be classified as ‘inspired’ by the aforementioned titles.

I will continue to update the list as I go, because I still have tonnes of flicks that I haven’t managed to add thus far. I have watched each and every one (how it pains me to think!) and will slowly work my way through reviewing them. There are one or two here that may be debatable (is Playroom a slasher?) but I can confirm that you will not be left disappointed if you give any of these a try.

Some of these will be reviewed under their Spanish title as that’s the copy I own.

I will post videos on each review if I have a digital version of the feature. I will always try and post a killing clip, but in certain cases, due to copyrights, I can only post trailers

Click on the links for the reviews 🙂 Have fun

    1. 303 Fear Faith Revenge (1999)
    2. 5 Dead on the Crimson Camvas (1996)
    3. 555 (1988)
    4. A Day of Judgement (a1981)
    5. A Night To Dismember (1983)
    6. Absurd (1981)
    7. Adam & Evil (2002)
    8. Air Terjun Pengatin (2009)
    9. Al Filo Del Hacha (1988)
    10. Axecutioner (2015)
    11. Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)
    12. Alice in Murderland (2010)
    13. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)
    14. American Nightmare (1981)
    15. American Nightmare (2002)
    16. Amerikill (1999)
    17. Amsterdamned (1988)
    18. Anatomy (2000)
    19. Angel Negro (2000)
    20. Appointment with Fear (1985)
    21. April Fool’s Day (1986)
    22. Atrapados en el Miedo (1983)
    23. Ax-Em (2002)
    24. Babysitter Massacre (2013)
    25. Bachelor Party Massacre (2006)
    26. Backslash (2005)
    27. Backslasher (2012)
    28. Backwoods Bloodbath (2007)
    29. Baghead (2010)
    30. Berserker: The Nordic Curse (1987)
    31. Bikini Island (1991)
    32. Bikini Girls On Ice (2009)
    33. Bikini Party Massacre (2002)
    34. Billy Club (2013)
    35. Bits and Pieces (1985)
    36. Black Christmas (1974)
    37. Bleed (2001)
    38. Blödaren (1983)
    39. Blood And Sex Nightmare (2008)
    40. Blood Beat (1982)
    41. Blood Creek (2006)
    42. Blood Cult (1985)
    43. Blood Frenzy (1987)
    44. Blood Harvest (1987)
    45. Blood Hook (1986)
    46. Blood Junkie (2010)
    47. Blood Lake (1987)
    48. Blood Moon (1989)
    49. Blood Rage (1983)
    50. Blood Reaper (2004)
    51. Blood Relic (2005)
    52. Blood Shed (2014)
    53. Blood Sisters (1986)
    54. Blood Slaughter Massacre (2013)
    55. Blood Splash (1981)
    56. Blood Symbol (1992)
    57. Blood Zone (1983)
    58. Bloodbath in Psycho Town (1989)
    59. Bloodstream (1985)
    60. Bloodstream (2000)
    61. Bloody Beach (2000)
    62. Bloody Creek (1993)
    63. Bloody Moon (1981)
    64. Bloody Slumber Party (2015)
    65. Boardinghouse (1982)
    66. Bodycount (1987) (Deodato)
    67. BodyCount (1987) (Leder)
    68. Boogieman (1989)
    69. Bone Cave (2011)
    70. Bosque De Muerte (1993)
    71. Buried Alive (1990)
    72. Burlesque Massacre (2011)
    73. Butchered (2002)
    74. Camp 139 (2013)
    75. Camp Blood (2000)
    76. Camp Slaughter (2004)
    77. Campsite Massacre (1981)
    78. Cards of Death (1986)
    79. Carnage Road (2000)
    80. Cassandra (1987)
    81. Cemetery Of Terror (1985)
    82. Chainsaw (2015)
    83. Cheerleader Camp (1987)
    84. Cheerleader Camp: To the Death (2014)
    85. Cheerleader Massacre (2003)
    86. Cherry Falls (2000)
    87. Chill (2013)
    88. Chimera (1991)
    89. Christina’s House (2000)
    90. Christmas Evil (1980)
    91. City in Panic (1987)
    92. City of Fear (1989)
    93. City of Blood (1982)
    94. Class Reunion Massacre (1977)
    95. Click: The Calendar Girl Killer (1990)
    96. Clownhouse (1988)
    97. Club Dead (2000)
    98. Coda (1987)
    99. Cold Prey (2007)
    100. Corpse Mania (1981)
    101. Creep (2004)
    102. Cross Bearer (2012)
    103. Cry Wolf (2005)
    104. Curfew (1987)
    105. Curse of Halloween (2006)
    106. Curtains (1983)
    107. Cut (2000)
    108. Cut Throat Alley (2003)
    109. Cutting Class (1988)
    110. Dance With Death (1992)
    111. Dark Fields (2006)
    112. Dark Night Of The Scarecrow (1981)
    113. Dark Ride (2006)
    114. Dark Side of Midnight (1984)
    115. Dark Walker (2003)
    116. Darkroom (1988)
    117. Day of the Ax (2007)
    118. Day of the Reaper (1984)
    119. Dead 7 (2000)
    120. DeadAir 2014
    121. Dead Above Ground (2002)
    122. Dead End (1999)
    123. Dead Girls (1990)
    124. Dead House (2005)
    125. Dead In 3 Days (2006)
    126. Dead of Night (1999)
    127. Dead of Nite (2013)
    128. Deadly Blessing (1980)
    129. Deadly Dreams (1988)
    130. Deadly Games (1980)
    131. Deadly Lessons (1983)
    132. Deadly Little Christmas (2009)
    133. Deadly Manor (1989)
    134. Death-O-Lantern (2011)
    135. Death on Demand (2008)
    136. Death Screams (1983)
    137. Death Valley (1982)
    138. Decampitated (1998)
    139. Defenceless (2006)
    140. Delirium (1980)
    141. Delirium: Photos Of Gioia (1987)
    142. Deliver Us From Evil (1992)
    143. Delusion (1980)
    144. Demons Never Die (2011)
    145. Demon Warrior (1988)
    146. Demonwarp (1988)
    147. Disconnected (1983)
    148. Dismembering Christmas (2015)
    149. Do You Wanna Know A Secret? (2001)
    150. Don’t Go In The Woods (Alone!) (1982)
    151. Don’t Go In The Basement (2000)
    152. Don’t Go To Sleep (1980)
    153. Don’t Look In The Cellar (2008)
    154. Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984)
    155. Don’t Panic (1987)
    156. Doom Asylum (1989)
    157. Double Exposure (1982)
    158. Dream Slayer (1982)
    159. Dreamaniac (1986)
    160. Dressed To Kill (1980)
    161. Drive In Massacre (1976)
    162. Drowning Ghost (2004)
    163. Early Frost (1981)
    164. Easter Bunny Kill Kill! (2008)
    165. Easter Bunny Bloodbath (2010)
    166. Easter Sunday (2014)
    167. Edge of the Axe (1988)
    168. El Cepo (1982)
    169. Embalmed (1983)
    170. Evil Dead Trap (1988)
    171. Evil Judgement (1984)
    172. Evil Laugh (1986)
    173. Evil Night (1992)
    174. Evilbreed : The Legend of Samhain (2002)
    175. Eyeball (1975)
    176. Eyes of a Stranger (1981)
    177. Eyes Of Crystal (2004)
    178. Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
    179. Eyes Without a Face (1994)
    180. Fallen Angels (2002)
    181. Fantom Killer (1998)
    182. Fatal Exam (1985)
    183. Fatal Games (1984)
    184. Fatal Images (1988)
    185. Fatal Pulse (1988)
    186. Fear of Clowns (2004)
    187. Fear The Reaper (2004)
    188. Fever Lake (1996)
    189. Final Curtain (2005)
    190. Final Curtain (2003)
    191. Final Examination (2003)
    192. Final Remains (2005)
    193. Final Scream (2001)
    194. Flashback (2002)
    195. Forest Falls (2011)
    196. Frat Fright (1991)
    197. Frat House Massacre (2008)
    198. Frayed (2007)
    199. Freak (1999)
    200. Freeway Maniac (1989)
    201. Frenchman’s Farm (1987)
    202. Friday the 13th
    203. Friday the 13th Pt 2 (1981)
    204. Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)
    205. Friday The 13th Part 6 (1986)
    206. Friday the 31st: Halloween Night (1994)
    207. Fright Flick (2011)
    208. Funeral Home (1980)
    209. Ghost Dance (1980)
    210. GhostKeeper (1981)
    211. Giallo A Venezia (1979)
    212. Girls Gone Dead (2012)
    213. Girl House (2014)
    214. Girl’s School Screamers (1986)
    215. Girls Nite Out (1983)
    216. Goodnight, God Bless (1987)
    217. Graduation Day (1981)
    218. Granny (1999)
    219. Grim Reaper (2007)
    220. Grim Weekend (2003)
    221. Gutterballs (2008)
    222. Hack-O-Lantern (1988)
    223. Hack! (2007)
    224. Halloween (1978)
    225. Halloween II (1981)
    226. Halloween 4 (1988)
    227. Halloween Camp (2003)
    228. Halloween Night (2006)
    229. Hanging Heart 1983
    230. Happy Birthday to Me (1981)
    231. Happy Hell Night (1992)
    232. Hardcover (1989)
    233. Hard Rock Nightmare (1989)
    234. Hatchet (2006)
    235. Hatchetman (2003)
    236. Haunteed-ween (1991)
    237. He Knows You’re Alone (1980)
    238. He Lives By Night (1982)
    239. Head Hunter (2002)
    240. Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader (2000)
    241. HeadCrusher (1999)
    242. Heavy Metal Massacre (1989)
    243. Heebie Jeebies (2005)
    244. Hell High (1989)
    245. Hellbent (2004)
    246. Hide and Go Shriek (1987)
    247. Hollow Gate (1988)
    248. Home Made (2008)
    249. Home for the Holidays (1972)
    250. Home Sweet Home (1981)
    251. Home Sick (2007)
    252. Honeymoon Horror (1982)
    253. Horror 101 (2000)
    254. Horror House On Highway 5 (1985)
    255. Hotline (1982)
    256. House Of Death (1981)
    257. House Of Wax (2005)
    258. Houseboat Horror (1989)
    259. Humongous (1982)
    260. Hunter (2013)
    261. Into The Darkness (1986)
    262. Into the Woods (2006)
    263. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
    264. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)
    265. I, Madman (1988)
    266. I, Murderer 2014
    267. Ice Scream (1997)
    268. Iced (1988)
    269. Identity (2004)
    270. Innocent Prey (1983)
    271. Inside (2008)
    272. Intruder (1988)
    273. Jack O’ Lantern (2005)
    274. JackO (1995)
    275. Junior (2002)
    276. Just Before Dawn (1980)
    277. Kill Game (2015)
    278. Killer Campout (2005)
    279. Killer Instinct (2000)
    280. Killer On The Loose (2015)
    281. Killer Party (1986)
    282. Killer Workout (1986)
    283. Knight Chills (2001)
    284. Knock Knock (2005)
    285. Kolobos (1999)
    286. Kucch To Hai (2003)
    287. La Muerte Del Chacal (1983)
    288. La Noche Del Payaso (1993)
    289. La Residencia (1969)
    290. Ladrones de Tumbas (1990)
    291. Laid to Rest (2009)
    292. Laser Moon (1993)
    293. Last Dance (1992)
    294. Left For Dead (2007)
    295. Legend of Moated Manor (1987)
    296. Long Island Cannibal Massacre (1980)
    297. Long Time Dead (2002)
    298. Los Inocentes (2013)
    299. Los Ojos De Julia (2010)
    300. Lost After Dark (2014)
    301. Lovers Lane (1999)
    302. Lucker (1986)
    303. Mad Mutilator (1983)
    304. Madhouse (1981)
    305. Madman (1982)
    306. Marco Polo (2008)
    307. Massacre (1989)
    308. Make A Wish (2002)
    309. Malevolence (2004)
    310. Maniac (1980)
    311. Maniac Cop (1988)
    312. Maniacal (2003)
    313. Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)
    314. Mark of Cain (1986)
    315. Mark of the Devil 666: The Moralist (1995)
    316. Masacre en Rio Grande (1984)
    317. Mask of Murder (1985)
    318. Masque of the Red Death (1989)
    319. Massacre (1989)
    320. Massacre at Rocky Ridge (2003)
    321. Memorial Day Killer (1999)
    322. Memorial Valley Massacre (1988)
    323. Methodic (2007)
    324. Midnight Killer (1986)
    325. Midnight Man (2011)
    326. Midnight Movie (2008)
    327. Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche (1982)
    328. Miner’s Massacre (2003)
    329. Mirage (1990)
    330. Moon in Scorpio (1987)
    331. Moonstalker (1989)
    332. Mortuary (1981)
    333. Motor Home Massacre (2005)
    334. Most Likely to Die (2015)
    335. Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1983)
    336. Movie House Massacre (1984)
    337. Movie Machine Massacre (2014)
    338. Murder Rock (1982)
    339. Murhapukki 2000
    340. My Bloody Valentine (1981)
    341. My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)
    342. My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (2009)
    343. Nail Gun Massacre (1984)
    344. New Year’s Evil (1980)
    345. New York Centrefold Massacre (1984)
    346. Next Of Kin (1982)
    347. Night Killer (1989)
    348. Night Of The Demon (1980)
    349. Night Night Nancy (2011)
    350. Night Ripper (1986)
    351. Night School (1981)
    352. Night Screams (1987)
    353. Nightmare (1981)
    354. Nightmare (2000)
    355. Nightmare at Shadow Woods (1983)
    356. Nightmare on the 13th Floor (1991)
    357. Nine Lives (2002)
    358. No One Can Hear You (2001)
    359. No Place To Hide (1981)
    360. Offerings (1989)
    361. Only Darkness (1999)
    362. Open House (1986)
    363. Out Of The Dark (1988)
    364. Paranormal Xperience 3D (2011)
    365. Panic Fear (2014)
    366. Paranoid (2000)
    367. Pesadilla Sangrienta (2006)
    368. Phantom Brother (1988)
    369. Phantom Of The Mall: Eric’s Revenge (1989)
    370. Phobia (1980)
    371. Pieces (1982)
    372. Pizza Man 2015
    373. Pool Party Massacre (2015)
    374. Popcorn (1991)
    375. Porkchop (2010)
    376. Porn Shoot Massacre (2009)
    377. Posed for Murder (1988)
    378. Possession: Until Death Do You Part (1987)
    379. Pranks (1981)
    380. President’s Day (2010)
    381. Prime Suspect (1989)
    382. Prom Night (1980)
    383. Psycho (1960)
    384. Psycho Cop (1988)
    385. Psycho Santa (2004)
    386. Psycho Ward (2007)
    387. Red Riding Hood (2003)
    388. Return To Horror High (1987)
    389. Ripper (2001)
    390. Rituals (1977)
    391. Ritual of Death (1990)
    392. Rocktober Blood (1984)
    393. Rose of Death 2007
    394. RSVP (2002)
    395. Runaway Terror (2002)
    396. Rush Week (1989)
    397. Safety in Numbers (2006)
    398. Samhain (2002)
    399. Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre (2000)
    400. Satan Claus (1996)
    401. Satan’s Alter (1981)
    402. Satan’s Blade (1982)
    403. Satanic Attraction (1990)
    404. Savage Lust 1989
    405. Savage Vows (1995)
    406. Savage Water (1979)
    407. Savage Weekend (1976)
    408. Sawblade (2010)
    409. Sawed (2004)
    410. Scalps (1983)
    411. Scarecrow (2002)
    412. Scarecrow Slayer (2003)
    413. Scared (2002)
    414. Scarred (2013)
    415. Schizoid (1980)
    416. School’s Out (1999)
    417. School Killer (2001)
    418. School Night Massacre (2005)
    419. Scream (1981)
    420. Scream (1996)
    421. Scream Park 2012
    422. Scream Bloody Murder (1973)
    423. Scream Bloody Murder (2000)
    424. Scream Bloody Murder (2003)
    425. See No Evil (2006)
    426. Semana Santa (2002)
    427. Severance (2006)
    428. Severed Lives (2006)
    429. Shadows Run Black (1981)
    430. She’s Not Alone (2012)
    431. Shock: Diversao Diabolica (1982)
    432. Shredder (2003)
    433. Si Yiu (1981)
    434. Sickle (2010)
    435. Silent Blood Night (2005)
    436. Silent Madness (1983)
    437. Silent Night (2012)
    438. Silent Night, Bloody Night (1973)
    439. Silent Night Bloody Night: The Homecoming (2013)
    440. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)
    441. Silent Rage (1982)
    442. Silent Scream (1980)
    443. Simon Says (2006)
    444. Skinner (1993)
    445. Skullduggery (1983)
    446. Slash (2002)
    447. Slasher In The House (1981)
    448. Slash Dance (1989)
    449. Slaughter (2009)
    450. Slaughter High (1986)
    451. Slaughter Night (2006)
    452. Slaughter Studios (2002)
    453. Slaughtered (2008)
    454. Slaughterhouse(1987)
    455. Sledgehammer (1983)
    456. Sleepaway Camp (1983)
    457. Sleepy Hollow High (1999)
    458. Slumber Party Massacre (1982)
    459. Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)
    460. Small Town Massacre (1981)
    461. Smiley (2012)
    462. Someone’s Watching Me (1978)
    463. Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell 1989
    464. Sorority House Massacre (1986)
    465. Sorority House Massacre II (1990)
    466. Sorority Row (2009)
    467. Sorority Slaughter (1994)
    468. Spine! (1986)
    469. Splatter Farm (1987)
    470. Splatter University (1984)
    471. Squeal (2013)
    472. Sssshhh (2003)
    473. Stagefright (2015)
    474. Stagefright (2005)
    475. Stagefright (1987)
    476. Stagefright (1980)
    477. Stigma Die! (2007)
    478. Stormbringer (1981)
    479. Streets of Death (1987)
    480. Strip Club Slasher (2010)
    481. Stripped to Kill (1987)
    482. Study Hell (2006)
    483. Summer’s End: The Legend of Samhain (2002)
    484. Sweet Sixteen (1981)
    485. Swimming Pool 2000
    486. Tear Her 2014
    487. Teddy 2011
    488. Ten Little Indians (1989)
    489. Terminal Choice (1985)
    490. Terror at Black Tree Forest (2010)
    491. Terror At Tenkiller (1986)
    492. Terror Night (1987)
    493. Terror On Tour (1983)
    494. Terror on Alcatraz (1986)
    495. Terror Train (1981)
    496. The Baby Doll Murders (1993)
    497. The Backlot Murders (2002)
    498. The Boogeyman (1980)
    499. The Burning (1981)
    500. TheCampusHouse.com
    501. The Carpenter (1990)
    502. The Catcher (1998)
    503. The Christmas Season Massacre (2001)
    504. The Clown At Midnight (1998)
    505. The Collector (2009)
    506. The Crying Tree (2002)
    507. The Cycle (2009)
    508. The Dark Ride (1979)
    509. The Dead Pit (1988)
    510. The Deadly Camp (1999)
    511. The Deadly Intruder (1984)
    512. The Demon (1979)
    513. The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982)
    514. The Fan (1981)
    515. The Final Terror (1981)
    516. The Forest (1982)
    517. The Fun Park (2008)
    518. The Funhouse (1981)
    519. The Ghost Dance (1980)
    520. The Greenskeeper (2002)
    521. The Grim Reaper (1980)
    522. The Hook of Woodland Heights (1992)
    523. The Horror Star (1982)
    524. The Hospital Massacre (1982)
    525. The House by the Cemetery (1981)
    526. The House On Sorority Row (1983)
    527. The House Where Death Lives (1980)
    528. The Inherited (2009)
    529. The Initiation (1984)
    530. The Icebox Murders (1982)
    531. The Last Horror Film (1982)
    532. The Last Horror Movie (2004)
    533. The Last Slumber Party (1987)
    534. The Last Stop (2000)
    535. The Majorettes (1987)
    536. The Moralist (1995)
    537. The Mutilator (1985)
    538. The New York Ripper (1982)
    539. The Night Before Easter (2014)
    540. The Night Brings Charlie (1990)
    541. The Night Divides the Day (2001)
    542. The Orphan Killer (2011)
    543. The Phantom Killer (1981)
    544. The Pick-Axe Murders III: The Final Chapter (2015)
    545. The Playbird Murders (1978)
    546. The Prey (1980)
    547. The Prowler (1981)
    548. The Record (2001)
    549. The Reeker (2005)
    550. The Ripper (1986)
    551. The Seduction (1982)
    552. The Slayer (1981)
    553. The Sleeper (2012)
    554. The Stitcher (2007)
    555. The Tallaght Chaunsaw Massacre (2005)
    556. The Toolbox Murders (2004)
    557. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1977)
    558. The Undertow (2003)
    559. The Unseen (1981)
    560. The Ward (2010)
    561. They’re Playing With Fire (1984)
    562. Til death do us part (1982)
    563. Timber Falls (2008)
    564. Time To Die (2012)
    565. To All A Goodnight (1980)
    566. To Become One (2002)
    567. To Kill For (1999)
    568. Too Beautiful To Die (1989)
    569. Torment (2008)
    570. Torso (1973)
    571. Tourist Trap (1979)
    572. Trampa Infernal (1992)
    573. Trauma (1993)
    574. Trick Or Treats (1982)
    575. Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness (1986)
    576. Twisted Nightmare (1987)
    577. Undertow (2004)
    578. Unhinged (1982)
    579. Untitled (2011)
    580. Untitled (2006)
    581. Urban Legend (1998)
    582. Urban Legend: The Final Cut 2000
    583. Valentine (2001)
    584. Venom (2002)
    585. Video Violence (1986)
    586. Violent Shit (1989)
    587. Visiting Hours (1982)
    588. Voyeur.com (2002)
    589. Welcome To Spring Break (1988)
    590. When A Killer Calls (2006)
    591. Штольня (2006)
    592. Whisper Kill (1988)
    593. Whodunit? (1982)
    594. Wicked Games (1992)
    595. Wishcraft (2002)
    596. Wrestlemaniac (2006)
    597. Writer’s Block (1995)
    598. XP3D (2011)
    599. You Will Die At Midnight (1986)
    600. Zipperface (1992)
    601. Zombiefied (2011)
    602. Zombie Island Massacre (1982)
    603. Zombie Nightmare (1986)
    604. Zydeco (2012)
  1. awesome list mate,keep adding as im tracking all these down one way or another! love the reviews and site,ALL THE BEST!

    • Thanks Darren, I will work my way through them – some may be very hard to find nowadays, but I think they’ll probably all get a chance on DVD at some point. I guess the most fun part is hunting them down though!!! Thanks for your comment and have a great day 🙂

      • cheers mate,ive not long ordered a ton of these newer ones off amazon dirt cheap.i love hearing bout slashers that i didnt know existed.have a great day yourself.i will keep in touch and share my thoughts on some of the movies,kind regards!

      • this movie was presented in the 1994-1995 world? the movies just do not know the exact Met lab time director, but I saw the demonstration. the cinema-television premiere was a long time ago that a black kungfu dressed like waist belt hooded masked costumed killer in a sleeping gown or dress a young girl or woman who was shut strikes a window in the killing of lightning appears scythe in his hand who is in the window is a woman then a big scream and you behead the murderer of her scythe! Then three young women aged woman was in their apartment with a room just take in but the kitchen there is in a flat section of the stove casing just main some time through the door to the killer that I have described to rush into an ax howling terrifying voice and I try all three women cut off ax, fortunately they are very scared detour during a scuffle and one of the women whip up something on the gas stove and pull over by a masked killer who ignited the rear costume and screaming into his hands exposed to broken windows to escape to advance quickly crush the window. then come the movie’s title on when to go to the movies in the horror movies tv presentation, but as long ago seen and not even a movie title I can not not once it was what year it is, if someone would recognize answer to fill has been down to the exact menu which booklet printing original title of the movie year of preparation exact, accurate and precise directed the original movie content.

  2. Though I don’t really agree with you on your view of that a slasher has to be fleshy and holding a knife, and with that discarding at least half or a third of the slasher populous, I do dig yer list! this can help me keep up with my reviews! Thanks mate! and keep the listing going!

  3. Kuku the Killer Clown (2003) – can i ask for more info on this one? Seems like a joke. Does this movie exist?

  4. I just saw One Hell of a Christmas. Um, maybe you can shed some light on that one being a slasher, cuz i saw more supernatural on it than Slash-antics?

  5. you do kno there is a third i know what yo did last summer

    • Hi yes, of course. I haven’t put every single chapter in a series so as to save the list from being cluttered. However I will add them when I review them as I have with Friday the 13th 2 and 3 etc. thanks

  6. What about The Last Hotel a.k.a. Scary Hotel in the Mountains.


  7. I actually meant this movie.


    But now that you mention Motel Hell I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

    • That looks interesting, but another guy said that it doesn’t exist – not sure what to think.

      Motel Hell is the one I was talking about. I haven’t seen it, but my friend says it’s not a stalk and slasher. I might but a copy and see. Will let you know!

      • Motel Hell’s sorta a slasher. There isn’t much stalk and killing going on there. hell, I don’t even know if we could count three guys having their neck snapped by a noose all the same time is slasher material. But it has the same build of the sub-genre, and most of the actual murders took place at the last act.

  8. Rosemarys Killer73

    Dudes checkout this Crime of slasher cinema…..basically it’s, er, how can I explain it, oh yeh shit! Admittedly I do love all slashers, theres always something there to make you chuckle, to be mad about or to go to sleep. hahahaha so grab some booze (alot) and watch…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Deadly Detour aka Goatman Murders directed by Mike O’Mahony.

  9. What do you think of the movie “White of The Eye (1987)” ?

  10. Rosemarys Killer73

    Hahaha yeh, how much was the disc? 2p, thats too much!! Actually going through all the salshers for a new book me and a colleague are writing, which is going to be a definitive guide, nearly 600-800 titles to get through…and it probably won’t stop there! Just got Phantom Brother, Dead Girls and New York Centrefold massacre!!! we are about 150 films in, so alot to go and alot to watch, ALL slashers good or bad eh. sites like these are an excellent reference points, keep up the good work dude.

  11. darren burrows

    let us know how the books going, would love too see that!

  12. But where is Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning, and where is Peeping Tom and Stepfather + Deep Red and Bay of Blood?
    Good list by the way, I’m making a book about all slasher films on the world and that is the best list.

    • Hi Jack – Thanks for your comment! Do you also notice no Wrong Turn, Hostel, Chaos etc. Whilst Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a slasher of type, this site focuses on Halloween and its imitators/influences. Stepfather and Peeping Tom are possibles, but please keep in mind the list is not complete (I think I wrote it there) Bay of Blood et al are Giallos and although I have reviewed a few, I’m going to add them slowly, so as not to distort the focus from the Halloween style of slasher

  13. Okay, thank you.

  14. Oh yes, how about A Nightmare on Elm Street???

  15. I personally think Wrong Turn is certainly a slasher, sort of a more updated Just Before Dawn. It’s a great one at that

    What about High Tension? Amazing movie and I’d classify it as a slasher

    Also missing is Sweatshop, have you seen that one? Not great by any means, but it has some great gore and insanely annoying characters

    • I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what is a slasher – if you want it to be a slasher – then its totally cool by me! To be honest I haven’t seen Wrong Turn for a while and may need to watch it again – Personally, I just have this thing about multiple killers and supernatural stuff – I try to keep them as close to Halloween as possible. But hey, if you say it’s a slasher I am happy to agree!! High Tension, believe it or not, I haven’t got round to watching – I have been too busy going through all these oldies for the reviews. I will most definitely though and post it here when I have!I have heard great things!

      Sweatshop I own and have watched, I just didn’t put it on the list yet – As I said there, the list is far from complete, but I will keep trying to add them as I go!!

  16. RosemarysKiller73

    Yeh I agree with both, Wrong Turn is technically not a slasher in terms of Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Prowler etc, there are so many elements to a slasher, so many sub genres and very hard to pin point exactly what makes a slasher a slasher, there’s backwoods killers, faceless killers, whodunits, giallos, krimi’s the list goes on huh!!! as you know i am doing the ultimate slasher guide book and it’s very hard to select the films, so we’ve gone all out with all the sub genres, over 900!! But like you say everyone is entitled to there own take on a slasher flick. Sweatshop is a gorefest and fun, but not one of the best hey. Keep slashing dudes……..

  17. I didn’t mean to nitpick your list, more of just giving suggestions if you hadn’t seen them.

    I sent you an email last night, I’m beginning work on a printed slasher devoted fanzine and would love your input. Would you be interested in writing an article about the “rarest” 80s slashers for it?

    As far as every reader of this site goes, I’d love some contributors.

    • Yeah sure and absolutely no biggie on the list, I put in there when I first launched the site over a year ago and it’s far from complete and – as the other guy said, people have different opinions on what is a slasher. I watched last night, Freddy Vs Jason. I have absolutely no idea how people can consider Freddy’s murder techniques to allow him to be a slasher villain – he’s basically a warlock! But most people swear that film’s a slasher. – So it’s all up to the fan I think

      As for writing something on rare slashers, I’d be more than happy to. I’ll check my mail in a while –

      Thanks again

  18. You mentioned in one of your reviews New Blood 1988. That doesn’t happen to be Hollywood’s New Blood (1988) is it?!

    • Hi mate – could you show me which review and i’ll tell you which film I was referring to as I’m not quite sure which one – Thanks

      • the one you’ve made for Maniac Cop. You’ve mentioned a title there called “New Blood”. The reason I’m asking you this is cuz i found and reviewed a title called Hollywood’s New Blood, thought you might try it and see what you think of it.

      • Hi mate I actually meant the Jason sequel when I mentioned The New Blood in that paragraph, but I have seen Hollywood New Blood back in the nineties, I felt it was quite a smart movie. I would like to see it again mate actually – I only have a VHS though 😦

  19. hey buddy! I made a shout out to you on my blog’s birthday! Feel free to drop by any time~

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  21. I’m wondering why people tend to equaate Horror movies with slasher films ,especially when they’re not of the same genre..
    personally , I can’t watch texas chain sawmassacre ,because I know it was based on.

  22. what do you think of the movie Dust Devil (1992)? I keep finding these obscure bodycount flicks but I wonder if you had seen it, from one slasher fan to another?

  23. hi, i love the site. i’m starting a site of my own and would love to chat.


  24. Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that
    would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  25. ‘Ello! ‘Ello, Mate! It’s your friendly neighborhood “K” dropping by again with another recommendation!
    Had you seen Discopath (2014)? It’s a 70s/80s slasher/giallo throwback by Canada that I think should be right up your alley! See it if you had the chance, buddy! It ain’t perfect but it is cool!

  26. Second title listed “5 Dead on a Crimson CANVAS” not Campus, just looking out.

  27. Hey! Love the site. Was wondering if you have seen any of the newer slashers like Dont Go to the Reunion, HazMat, or Blood Widow? If not, you should check them out.

  28. Alexander Gretil

    Hi Luisito. i´ve been reading your reviews for quite a time now, and i noticed that in your list you didn`t include the ridiculously obscure “Hanging Heart” from 1983. It is directed by Jimmy Lee.

    • Hi Alexander, Thanks for keeping an eye on the site. As for Hanging Heart, I have a Polish VHS, but i didn’t think it was a slasher when I saw it years ago. Should I watch it again?

      • Alexander Gretil

        Hi, just re-watched it and i think i should be considered a slasher. It has a killer (on a costume that is a lot like the one from Cherry Falls), some POV shots and they even include the “have sex and die” rule. It`s only issue was the low body count. I say give it a go and tell me what do you think.

      • Hi Alexander I most definitely will do and thanks very much 🙂 I’ll post it soon 🙂

  29. Thank you so much for your efforts. Wondering if you know the german-american post-Scream Slasher The Pool? One of my favs of the 2000s….

  30. Hi there. i love you reviews since i`ve seen a lot of the movies you review here. So i`m here to recomend the movie “Porkchop” from 2010. One of the weidest 80`s homenage i have ever seen (try finding a slasher filck with a perv robot).

  31. Alexander Gretil

    Hi Luis, it is Alex here again. Have you seen Nightof the Clown 1998? I found about it while searching for the rare La Noche Del Payaso (1993). Are they the same movie?

    • Hi bud, yes I’ve seen both of them, they’re not the same movie. La Noche is a Mexican movie and it was never released in English, the other one is from the director of Evil Night and it’s pretty crappy tbh

      • Hola Luis, as the slasher expert, I had to see if you could help. There is someone looking for a slasher flick, but it is of unique kills. It had a guy killed by being locked in a room with a snake, one boiled in a hot tub, and another impaled by a ceiling mirror while tied to a bed (his girlfriend just went to the restroom, and he was unable to scream). There may be a few more kills, but that was all he remembered. They were all in the same house, and only 1 person survived (a girl). At the end, the survivor went to a funeral, and it is insinuated (by a smirk) that she was possibly the killer. Do you know what this movie could be, because I have run through so many databases and never came up with the answer. If not, do you know where else I should look? Gracias por todo.


      • Hi buddy – Sounds like Killer Instinct! Been a while since I’ve seen it, but people locked in a house and a guy killed by a glass ceiling sounds like that film. Please check the review, you’ll find it there 🙂

      • Just read my review again and I mention the snake. Killer Instinct is what you’re looking for buddy. 🙂

  32. Hola Luisito, first, let me say you are very generous to help me, and especially so fast. You, my friend, did what quite a few horror experts, myself, and others movie buffs, could not do, which is to solve this longstanding mystery. Your knowledge of slasher flicks is unparalleled. You sir, are the undisputed king of horror. The time and effort you have put into cataloging these gems is amazing; your love of the genre shines through. Keep doing what you are doing, as it means a lot to a lot of people. Proof one person can change the world. If you ever need any help identifying a film that you cannot remember, which I highly doubt you will, I would be honored to help. Vaya con dios, mi amigo.


  33. Hey nice list. I am 43 and surprised you did not have without warning in there. It was the 1st of its kind alien slasher flick from 1980. It starred a very young David Caruso and had other good actors. Very b movie, but was a classic to us U.S. slasher heads. Peace

    • Thanks Steve, good to meet you. Yes, I know it well! Unfortunately, I have missed a few that I will update as I go. I am surprised that I forgot Warning. I really quite like the film and anything with Cameron Mitchell is always worth a look. I’ll try and review it here soon 🙂

  34. Oh my god….i tried remembering this one particular movie i have watched 2 or 3 years ago, but it is really really hard to remember the title. I scrolled down this page carefully but i’m sure this movie isn’t in the list. It’s about a masked killer killing women using sickles, and the masked killer’s identity is revealed at the end of the movie(It was a lady who don’t like certain group of women to have fun and dare to get naked anytime…i’m not so sure about this part though). Ok I am a male, so i will tell you the part i remembered the most. There is a kissing scene between a very fat guy and a girl, and the fat guy is killed. Can anyone please help me??? Thanks a lot. I remember the tagline of the DVD cover is something like “Now you still dare to go naked?”

    • If Luisito does not mind, @MDP, I might be able to help you. The information needed to find it would be when you saw it, when it came out, where you got the dvd, if it was american, and if there are any specific kills, names, plot, town, etc. , you can remember. Also, what was on the cover of the dvd, and what colors was it?


  35. Hi luisito, first off I wanted to say this website is amazing and I have really gotten back into slasher movies thanks to a few of the titles you llisted here that were just amazing that I had either not seen or have just been introduced to! Bloodrage, Curtains, La Residencia, and of course the guilty pleasure Iced were all among some of the rad slashers I have been able to find copies of. One question I had was if you completely take out the giallo sector of slashers for your list. I saw you have bloody moon on here so I figured there must be some giallo’s you would consider. A couple very creepy and very slasheresque movies I was thinking would fit in nicely with your list is “a blade in the dark” and “terror at the opera”.. I noticed argento hasn’t had any movies in your list but those 2 films are so good I thought you might’ve forgotten about them. Anyways, awesome site and keep up the good work!!

    • Hi Brandon, thanks so much for the message. I will, eventually, start listing giallos, just that I haven’t got round to doing so yet. I love Argento and Tenebrae is one of my favourite films ever. Blade in the Dark has some memorable scenes too, I’m also a big fan of Too Beautiful To Die, but I write lists of the film’s that I am going to add and I haven’t got round to them…. Yet! Even though Bloody Moon is from Spain, I think Franco was ripping off slashers more than Giallos. He was always keen to jump on a bandwagon. You could say the same about Absurd, I guess

  36. Hi luisito, i found it. After thinking so hard of course. The title is Girls Gone Dead. You might want to add it to the list. 🙂 It is unrated though.

  37. Alexander Gretil

    Have you seen the proto-slasher Poor White Trash Part II a.k.a. Scum of the Earth from 1974? I watched It recently and this movie is really ahead of his time with his camp setings, decent gore and sleazy tone, kind of similar to (also ahead of his time) Tower of Evil 1972.

  38. Hi Luisitojoaquin,
    Meaby You can help me. Do you remember the horror may VHS standard pre-1997 history – a group of friends coming to the house / hotel. I remember a scene where the park wants to do “their playing” with the bonding, so the guy bind his pleasant to bed and gag. The girl is a dark-haired, tanned. When a boy goes to get whipped cream and “strawberry”, our killer appears he looks like removed from the Texan massacre. He goes around the room and hides (the window in the closet do not remember). Boy comes back happy and she tries to scream, but she is gagged and fails to warns him.

    As for my film is now what seems to me (so it’s not 100%) that I remember are:

    – Standard shlasher with young people in the background, there was some young people
    – The action takes place in a bungalow, it is possible that the lake
    – If the action has taken place during the summer / autumn

    Unfortunately, the above information is not 100% certain because the first session, I had the almost 20 years ago. : /


  39. Alexander Gretil

    did you know there is a sequel to Small Town Massacre? It`s called Dead Kids 2

    It was shot with an 8mm video camcorder so I wouldn`t expect it to be any good (I mean, just look at Day of the Reaper)

  40. Hey, luisito! Now that I know the secrets in posting comments on this site, I believe it’s my-our sole duty to give a few recommendations!

    Sports themed slashers? Try Murderdrome and watch rollerderby gals go wheel on wheel with a demonic skater from hell! How about something weird? You can add Little Erin Merryweather and see the mystery reveal itself halfway into the film!

    There’s also Deadly Sins (1995), Entrance (2011), Sleepwalker (1983/1984 short), and Pan Man!

  41. Hey dude, you’ve probably heard it enough already, but seriously well done on your list. I’m from Australia and I’m a mad horror film collector, big ups in unearthing titles from oz, such as Cassandra, coda and early frost. Didn’t even know they existed, Australia’s rep in slashers has been very poor so this is reassuring my faith in my home country. Also im mad keen to read your review of Charlie’s Farm when you get time. Decent competitor for Australia’s first slasher villain and the slasher genre in general. Keep it sinister homie 👍🍺

    • Thanks buddy! In fact there are a lot of fairly good Slashers from Australia and I think that in a way many of them are well worth a look! Can’t wait to review Charlie’s Farm. I have it ready to go!!

      • Awesome dude, got a lot of respect for you 👍 Honestly we have very shitty distribution companies in oz, so a lot of our classic horror titles get overlooked and get pretty shitty releases..no shit man, you’ll get a better version of an Aussie horror film from overseas. But there is still hope here in oz from extremely dedicated fans of the genre, the mad men and women at monster pictures australia are bringing the gore and grit back to a bunch of uneducated fools haha. Also bro I own this dvd released from ‘Mondo Macabro’ called Aswang the Spanish made horror fest about that fucked up vampire with a long ass tongue that feeds on new born babies! I honestly have never seen a fair review for that underrated gem, I know it ain’t slasher but would love to hear your verdict on it bro. I hope you get a kick out of charlies farm too, it is a movie you’ll talk about 😊

  42. I want to ask: do you have a strict rule on buying VHS/DVD for movies, or just wherever you can find them, because I’m not sure how rare it is, but there is a version of Alice Sweet Alice floating around on Youtube if you have a hard time getting your hands on it. It looks good video quality wise and I thought I would let you know before it gets taken down

    • Hi Lauren! Firstly, thanks for your comment – I try to buy them all and I actually do own a beaten-up copy of Communion, but hey, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with watching a video on YouTube, so I’ll give it a look!!

  43. Was wondering if you could help me. For years, I have been trying to find a particular horror that I saw when I was younger. The problem is I cannot remember the name of the film. The only thing I can remember about the film is that one of the girls name was Melissa and she was wearing a blue dress in one of the scenes where the slasher was trying to kill her in a house. It might have been a house party or something going on. I believe she escaped into a garage but I cannot remember anything beyond that. PLEASE HELP! THAT HAS BEEN PLAYING OVER AND OVER IN MY HEAD FOR YEARS!

    • Hi ya – i Konieczny what you mean! There’s nothing worse that that -,which period is it from?? There’s a garage stalking sequence in Slumber Party Massacre and if you look at the tags at the bottom of each review find on my site the tag ‘slasher in the house’ and that may bring up your film. If not, I’m not sure. Night Screams or Happy Birthday to Me? If it’s an 80s Slasher it’ll be easier to locate

  44. Hey Luisito,
    I’ve been trawling though the internet for ages looking for a site like this! I’ve been searching for a movie that I remember to be a slasher, however I can only remember one distinctive scene and it’s driving me crazy. It’s American and probably set in the 90s but could be a bit earlier. There is this scene where a girl is down in a mine or tunnel (I think), where the killer dumps the bodies of the woman he kills with his axe (all the bodies are naked). He comes, so the girl hides just behind the ladder in the darkness of the shadows. The man then climbs the ladder (to go either up or down i can’t remember) and he is just inches away from the girl who’s hiding just behind it. I know its not exactly much to go off but I thought perhaps you might have some clues?

    • Hi buddy, hmmm not sure, sounds like it might be Miner’s Massacre but I’m not sure

      • this movie was presented in the 1994-1995 world? the movies just do not know the exact Met lab time director, but I saw the demonstration. the cinema-television premiere was a long time ago that a black kungfu dressed like waist belt hooded masked costumed killer in a sleeping gown or dress a young girl or woman who was shut strikes a window in the killing of lightning appears scythe in his hand who is in the window is a woman then a big scream and you behead the murderer of her scythe! Then three young women aged woman was in their apartment with a room just take in but the kitchen there is in a flat section of the stove casing just main some time through the door to the killer that I have described to rush into an ax howling terrifying voice and I try all three women cut off ax, fortunately they are very scared detour during a scuffle and one of the women whip up something on the gas stove and pull over by a masked killer who ignited the rear costume and screaming into his hands exposed to broken windows to escape to advance quickly crush the window. then come the movie’s title on when to go to the movies in the horror movies tv presentation, but as long ago seen and not even a movie title I can not not once it was what year it is, if someone would recognize answer to fill has been down to the exact menu which booklet printing original title of the movie year of preparation exact, accurate and precise directed the original movie content.

  45. What about Hell Night?

  46. Got another rare slasher for you to add to your list: Return of the Family Man,

  47. Alexander Gretil

    Hi Luis! You’ve been missing for a while, hope everything’s ok. Just came here to recommend Sidste Time (aka Final Hour) from 1995. Just watched it and it’s a great little slasher with a great atmosphere, similar to Identity, but more ambiguous. Had a blast watching it!

  48. Another one to add: Girls Gone Dead (2012): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1884318/

  49. Trying to track down a 80s era slasher movie, that came on either USA up all night or Skinemax. A fat bearded man in overalls killing teens in a mall. Each time they wounded him he would staple napkins to himself. Not a lot to go on, but I’ve been trying for years to track it down.

  50. Hi, I’m looking for a movie about a group of guys that (I believe) go to a concert, and they end up in a house in the middle of nowhere getting chased by a killer. The movie starts with a girl in a white sleeveless tshirt in a farm and she breaks some part of her shirt to make it sexier.

  51. Is this site still alive? I need some help finding a movie

  52. Love the list! Thanks for that, love from sweden:)

  53. This is a great list. I love slasher films and this has helped me a lot. I like reading your reviews and learning more about each film. Thank you for this. Great site!

  54. I absolutely adore this site! It seems I’m a bit late to the party 😑 bummer. I appreciate the EXTREMELY inclusive list of hundreds of slasher flicks & the reviews are always interesting. The list above is also a nice read. Thanks to A Slash Above, not only do I have tons of movies to check out…I’ve already enjoyed a handful that I didn’t know much or anything about. I really wish I could find an online community of slasher flick fanatics like myself that stays up to date. Eh… guess ya can’t have the world. I’m also on the lookout for some Hammer and also Amicus production movie fans of the British horror of yester-decades (yes I just made up a word) including such actors as Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Peter Lorne & many more greats from that genre. I 🖤 the movies they’re in…but mostly I’m Into the of this particular era. Any fellow fans that know of a place where we can all chat-please let me know. Cheers!!!

  55. Thank you for your help in this matter, maybe I can help you with something too?

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