Offerings 1989 Review

Offerings 1989

Directed by: Christopher Reynolds

Starring: Loretta Leigh, Tobe Sexton, Jerry Brewer


Review by Luisito Joaquín González

Halloween was such a great movie. Seriously, it was just amazing. Stylishly shot, perfectly acted for the material and scary as hell. I used to enjoy judging the amount that other slasher films ‘borrowed’ from that masterpiece, but 38738739829829822the ones I liked most were those that took the least. Curtains, The Prowler, Friday the 13th Part II and My Bloody Valentine were all influenced by Carpenter’s baby, but because they went about it the right way, no one really paid attention. There are a few however that took 76746743783873873783873the pilfering just a little bit too far.

You see it’s ok to pay homage to a brilliant film. Scorsese has done it, Almodovar too and hell even Carpenter got his lead from Señor Hitchcock. There comes a time though that highlighting your inspirations begins to look like blatant theft. I watched Offerings well over a decade ago and I remember thinking that it was a turgid rip-off that added nothing new to those ideas. Now that I’m a bit older, I was wondering if my analysis from back then was spot on or if I had been suffering from one of those temporary cases of movie bipolar? Let’s see…

After mute child John Radley is pushed down a well by a gang of bullies, he is sent to an asylum for the rest of his 6736738738729829829822life. Eighteen years later he escapes and heads back to his town to cause problems once again…

If John Carpenter ever finds that he is short of a few quid, I recommend that he hunt out one of those no win no fee lawyer types and gets to work on a case against the production team behind Offerings. Instead of just nicking the odd idea – hulking killer, final girl, heavy breath etc – Christopher Reynolds has duplicated entire scenes shot for shot. I’ll pick one of the many just for an example: Remember when Sam Loomis visited the grave of Judith Myers to see if Michael had gone there after escaping his asylum? Well here, some psychiatrist (can’t recall his name, although he may have also been Sam Loomis) does exactly the same thing. It’s like WTF? The film feels like a picture that has been photocopied a thousand times. The quality’s degraded, but the content is exactly the same. I remember reading about how much effort Carpenter and his team had put into making the ‘Haddonfield’ sets look like it was the 31st of October and not the true filming date of mid-Spring. This crew have put a similar level of work into making some random US neighborhood look like it was identical to Haddonfield. But why? What kicks673673872387282982982 would a filmmaker get out of completely ripping something off? What came first, the second bottle of vodka or the blind drunkenness whilst watching? These are all questions that I just can’t answer.

Anyway you all will be aware of this already, it’s been written in tonnes of reviews tonnes of times and I need to take notice of my own criticism on lack of originality. So what else happens? Well in fairness, not much. We know the story by now. One thing that I will say is that there is one decidedly nasty killing. Radley ties up some poorly acted dweeb, turns on a chainsaw and then it stops working. He reaches for a power drill and the same thing happens. The victim musters up all 2% of his acting ability to say something like, ‘So now you won’t kill me?’ It’s not his lucky day however and he gets his cabeza squished in a vice. It’s a surprisingly strong set-piece in fairness. There was also a self-depreciating scene, 873673783872872982982982where the two leads are watching a zero budget (slasher?) movie. They hurl insults at the characters and show signs of mimicking the genre’s weaknesses eight years before the release of  Wes Craven’s Scream. See Kevin Williamson, eat your heart out 😉

One perhaps slightly more original aspect of the story is that the nutjob makes ‘offerings’ to Gretchen, our final girl. These turn out to be stuff like chopped up body pieces (a nose, an ear, some ‘sausage shaped’ human parts, which have been placed on top of their pizza – (ooh err misses!) and he leaves them on the doorstep for her to collect; or for her dog to chew upon. Whilst I’m sure that there’s some Freudian meaning to all this, we don’t really get an explanation as to why it happens. Well if you’re looking for logic peeps, go read an encyclopaedia. These scenes did leave one question though; what the hell happened to the pizza delivery guy? We also learn that Radley murdered his mama before he got sent away to the looney bin. It’s great that they tell us this, because they sure didn’t think that it was something important enough to demonstrate to us on the screen. You know, there’s no real point in showing us why we should fear the antagonist in a horror film at all73673873873983982982902092. Oh and by the way, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE F**KING PIZZA DELIVERY GUY?

So that leaves us to deal with our heroine with the authentic name. Well the best way to describe young Gretchen is like going out on a date with a semi-hottie that sits opposite you and looks at the floor all night. You would get bored pretty quickly, eh? Fill your film with rubbish actors Mr Reynolds and this is what will happen. And whilst we are on the subject of rubbish actors, I must mention the waistband-edly challenged buffoon that wins the ‘idiot cop of the year award’. He achieves this because he knows full well that John Radley is on the loose, but when young Gretch and her scrawny buddy call him because they have found a dismembered ear in a pool of blood on their porch, he tells them to go upstairs and go to sleep whilst he does a big pile of NADA. I’m reminded of Grandma 7347843873983983983983Carpenter from the film, House of Death, when she says the unforgettable line, “If brains were dynamite, he couldn’t muster a good fart!” Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE F**KING PIZZA DELIVERY GUY?

It is what it is, and what it is is not an Academy Award winner. It’s basically Halloween with all the good parts left out. They even ripped off the score! So should you go out and buy Offerings? Well there are worse things that you could do, but don’t expect anything that’s going to make you search your pizza box for ‘sausage shaped’ body parts. Silly dialogue, bad acting, amateur directing, basic script, ripped off scoring, scruffy sound, yawn-inducing editing and blurry cinematography aside, it was an almost perfect piece of filmmaking. Just one thing remains, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE F**KING PIZZA DELIVERY GUY?

Slasher Trappings:

Killer Guise:


Final Girl:√



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  1. I think I remember dozing off from this one. such a draggy film.

  2. Michael Prymula

    I really dug this film, I think it gets WAY too much hate. I liked the kills and thought the lead was interesting, and I couldn’t care less about it being a “rip-off”(couldn’t you accuse almost any slasher film of being a Halloween rip-off anyways?) because truth be told I saw the film years before I ever saw Halloween, so I had nothing to compare it to and was able to appreciate on a different level then most people were, since I wasn’t constantly comparing it to the film it was supposedly ripping off.

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