Last Dance 1992 Review

Last Dance 1992

Directed by: Anthony Markes

Starring: Cynthia Basinet, Elaine Hendrix, Jason Logan


Review by Luisito Joaquín González

The ability to recognise your faults is a quality that’s seen only too rarely amongst human kind. We all come across people in life that would rather conjure up an impossibly improbable 874675467487438738733story than admit to any wrongdoing on their own part. Thankfully though, there are some exceptions. My friend Juan has an awful voice, but loves karaoke, so what he does is pick fairly easy songs that people can’t help but sing along with. This works, because in a drunken haze, crowds 874674673487387287287282always remember him as being one of the best and stay stuff like, ‘”He really got everyone going!”

Director Anthony Markes is a lot like my friend, Juan, because he looks to have worked out pretty quickly that he wasn’t quite up to the John Carpenter level of delivering shocks. So what does he do when making slasher films? Well he packs them full of scantily-clad chicas and campy frolics and then he simply hopes for the best.bikini 

This is his second slasher movie in the space of a year after the cheese ball that was Bikini Island. He was most definitely sticking to the ‘if it got financed last time around don’t fix it’ mantra, 1so he was returning to a playground that he knew fairly well. He also wrote the screenplay for 1990’s The Invisible Maniac, so bottom barrel slashers were almost second nature. Unlike the fate that befell many similarly budgeted and produced features from this point in the span, both of his directorial additions to the grouping became late night cable TV regulars, and still are to this day, so he achieved a modicum of success.7467467487387383983

A club is preparing to host a dance off on live TV and the girls are having to perform arduous tasks not only to stay on the stage, but also to stay alive! It seems that a certain someone is taking the competition a tad too seriously and has gone on a kill frenzy. Will there be anyone left to prance in a leotard?

Location aside, the storyline is *identical* to the one from Bikini Island, right down to the personalities of the characters, so instead of writing the same stuff for you all over again, you could 674674673873873872always save yourself some time and read that review here. Of course, it would be incredibly lazy on my part just to leave it like that and not give you the lowdown on this one too, so I will do my best to be original with my musings on Markes’ película del terror número dos. (Hopefully more original than he was with his idea for this movie…)

Maybe it’s because it is early in the morning, but I just can’t think of any other directors that followed up their début with another film that is EXACTLY the same? Last Dance is an interesting case however because it is tough to ascertain what audience it was produced for. People get killed, but it’s far too diluted to be a true horror film. There are two 6467487387382982sex scenes that are more explicit than the usual embraces that we see in slasherdom (they include mounds of T&A and the most OBVIOUS body double in the history of cheap videotape), but they’re still not hard enough to be considered soft porn. Could we call this a a murder mystery? Well, the fact that it is painfully obvious from the twenty-minute mark who it is that’s bashing people’s brains in, pretty much pooh-poohs that category too. I think that these 756758757848743983kind of genre entries are unique enough to have their own exclusive branding. Instead of stalk and slashers we could call them cheese and trashers. What do you reckon?

It’s a bit of a chore to sit through Last Dance if you’re not a fan of choreographed dance scenes. Each of the starlets gets her chance to twirl on the stage to some pop rock tunes, whilst dressed in a skimpy outfit. Jeff Kwitny’s Iced from 1988 was a slasher set on a ski slope, but you could fit the amount of actual ‘skiing’ that we see in to the pre-credits sequence alone. Markes however is not a man to overlook a backdrop and so we get as much – in fact we get more – boogie scenes than we do slashertastic action. It’s ok though, because the girls are fairly hot if you like fake tan and ten-inches of foundation and the whole film 85785874873483983glows (not a fake tan type of glow) with a vibe that everyone involved was keeping their tongue firmly in cheek.

That tongue in cheek-ness produces a few unintentional laughs that make up for the moments when I was snoozing in front of a bunny dancing the jig. One victim walks 8958758748743873straight into a hilariously placed noose that was hanging there just hoping that someone would be dumb enough to do that, whilst the final girl discovers a novel way to put a pause to the marauding maniac’s rampage, which involves some speed of thought and a disco ball(!) There’s also an effectively handled sequence where said final girl begins to discover the bodies of her chums lying around the abandoned club before he jumps out to attack her. Did I also mention the fact that The Seeds have a song on the surprisingly good soundtrack?875467546748743873

Recommending Last Dance to you creates a bit of a paradox. Whilst in filmmaking terms it fails at almost every hurdle (acting, direction, script, editing etc etc), I can’t help but feel that some of you, much like me, might just enjoy it. There’s no gore and there’s 874874874783783as much chance of getting scared watching Friends, but somehow I kind of liked it. As much as Bikini Island? Hmmm… well yes actually.

It was a Thursday evening and the choices were minimal. I could have either chosen How to lose a guy in 10 days, which was on one channel or Spurs’ Europa league match, which was on the other. In the end I went with the VHS of Last Dance and it was the right decision. Whilst that may not be a gigantic compliment, it at least proves that I wasn’t too bored.

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  1. They should rename this Kicking The Bucket in honour of it’s unique intrument of death.

  2. I am currently sitting here watching this movie. I thought this might be worth a watch, but I was wrong. Luckily I only spent $5 on a dvd copy of the VHS version, lol.

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