Violent Shit 1989 Review

Violent Shit 1989

Directed by: Andreas Schnaas

Starring: Wolfgang Hinz, Volker Mechter, Christian Biallas

Review by Luisito Joaquín González

What should I have expected from a movie that says, ‘Experience a lesson in real BAD taste’ and ‘Expect the worst’ on the front cover? Featuring a bogeyman called K. the butcher shitter and produced by the violent shitters? This was the debut of loud-mouthed German gore fiend Andreas Schnaas. A director who is renowned for little more than releasing ‘films’ that would get banned in most countries for their titles alone. I met him once and to say that he ‘lights up a room’ would be something of a foolish understatement

Shot on the equivalent of a camcorder, Violent Shit makes Nail Gun Massacre look like Spielberg helmed it in his spare time under a pseudonym. Seriously, this isn’t a movie at all; it’s more like an exercise in restraint. Sitting through the whole eighty minutes is like being locked in a room with Peewee Herman and not killing him. A task that, if completed, will prove a man’s machismo so decidedly, that he will be able to walk proudly for the rest of his life. If you’ve read more than one review on a SLASH above, you’ll see that I’m a forgiving fellow. I’d have to be, because I’ve seen some utter crap in my life. This however wipes the existence of the worst of them from my memory. Quite how it went on to spawn three sequels is amazing, and how the crew behind the production was not imprisoned for some kind of breach of human rights was a further miracle. Still, I’ve started my review so I may as well tell you what left me so bemused.

The credits roll over a child playing in some woodland with a ball. He goes home and his mother threatens him, saying “You wait. Get in here” The door closes and we hear a somewhat leisurely squawked scream. It looks as if the youngster killed his mum with a meat cleaver, because he comes outside splashed in blood with the weapon of choice in his hand. Two decades later, the Police (or Polizei) are transferring the demented looking bogeyman to, erm, well, we don’t ever learn. Thankfully, an officer sums it up neatly for us, “Now we have to work overtime to bring these retards back to their holes!” I couldn’t have put it better myself. I must comment on the security, which was questionable to say the least. I mean, is that how they transfer homicidal maniacs in this part of Deutschland? In a VW camper without any bars on the windows or dead locks on the door? Hmmm.

Anyway, one of the crew makes the fatal mistake of giving in to the call of nature and returns to find his buddies bloodily dispatched. I thought the killer (we don’t find out his name) was giving one of them a love bite, but I guess he was supposed to be munching his neck. After shouting, “Stop you pig, or I’ll shoot” the last man standing meets his bloody end by a patently cardboard machete to the shoulder. His demise was undoubtedly his own fault for leaving such a deadly blade inside the van with a nut-job in the first place. But hey, I guess his rampage had to be kicked off somehow. Without mentioning the fact that this constabulary’s methods for transferring psychopaths certainly needed a complete overhaul, let’s just say that the butcher ends up roaming the countryside and killing everyone that he bumps into on his journey.

The ‘plot’ here is as thin as the elastic on Rita Ora’s knickers and equally as overused. The maniac legs it around some greenland with a blade in his hand and a scar on his cheek(s) offing anyone that he stumbles upon. The first, a woman driving along listening to UB40’s ‘Red Red Wine’ (has Schnaas been sued or did he buy the rights? – I very much doubt it!) breaks down, then gets thrown on the floor and her breast cut off. After some bizarre camera work involving the photographer spinning the camcorder in circles (yes, you’ll get a headache) a guy gets his penis chopped in half. All these sequences are shot in unflinching close-up with paint-red blood spraying unconvincingly over the surroundings. Next up, an unfortunate gardener with a vulgar tongue gets cut in half with a hedge trimmer and then his head is chopped in two. The final excuse for gratuitous gore that I’ll tell you about (although there’s plenty more throughout the eighty minute runtime), involves a woman getting split in half from the vagina upward. Then the killer (we still didn’t learn his name) disembowels her and chucks her intestines, liver and every other organ that Schnaas could find a close replica for on the floor in front of the camera. I’m making this sound a whole lot better than it actually is, but keep in mind that the ‘acting’ is no less than ridiculous, the music is played separately from the dialogue (what do you expect from a camcorder) and the lighting stinks.

At one-point things got all anti-religious when the nut-job sticks his head in, I guess what’s supposed to be Jesus’ stomach. We don’t get an explanation as to why, there he is – the son of God – stuck on a crucifix out in the middle of the woods. Unless i had fallen asleep and dreamed the whole thing though, it did most definitely happen. And the ending, oh yes the ending. What the hell?

There’s loads of pointless padding, like endless driving sequences showing cars heading down long, boring roads that never amount to anything and there’s some X-rated dialogue that brings about a giggle if you’re in to that kind of thing. I guess we can forgive some of the inconsistencies, seeing how this was made tongue in cheek to be consumed in the same manor. But to be honest, a lot of the pointless exploitation was a little too sickening and not in a good way.

The budget was a modest 2k and they did the best they could, which is quite an amazing achievement. Think about it like this. I am posting a review here some twenty three years later of a film that cost as much to make as a return flight from London to Vegas. Perhaps, Schnaas should have started himself a career in special effects, where he could put his clearly visible talents to use with more experienced filmmakers. I am not a big fan of gratuitous perversion and vulgar language and I guess that’s why movies like this will only appeal to gore hounds that are truly forgiving.

What’s left for me to write about Violent Shit? Is it Violent? Yes, very. But don’t forget, it’s also a steaming pile of….! You get the picture.

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  1. So what’s Schnaas like anyway? I know you mentioned he lights up the room but is he cocky or just animated? He looks like quite the character but I haven’t seen any videos of him talking or anything? Can’t say I dig much of his work but I guess I can appreciate what he tries to do.

    • He’s brash, rather than cocky – very loud and spirited. Not a bad guy at all…. I guess he acts as crazily as his films convey his personality. I didn’t dislike him, it was more that I didn’t grasp his humour. The only director that I met that I was really astounded by was Ruggero Deodato. I said about him in my review of Bodycount. He had a white jumper on that had ARMANI in block capitals across the front, a massive chain etc. He looked like someone who was desperate to show that he was flash. He was next to Jose Larraz and Larraz was a lovely, modest guy. I remember telling him that I loved Edge of the Axe and he was really taken aback. Almost like, ‘really?’ – He also asked me if I’d seen Deadly Manor. I said, no, because I really didn’t want to disappoint him with my opinion on that one lol. I think it was mainly because I was Spanish and we were at a film fair in the UK and he was pretty intrigued to be speaking to a fellow countryman and film fan. – I guess you do have to give credit to Schnaas. He has built a collection of films using the profit from each one to finance the next. Violent Shit 3 even has Ninjas in it. It’s like a schoolboy’s dream movie!!

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